Monday, October 19, 2009

The Diana Mini: Too cute for words...

Well shit! Just when you thought the Diana camera, what with its Polaroid attachments and multi purpose flash couldn't get any gosh darn cooler they go ahead and release this - The Diana Mini!

Just between you and me, I think the good folk over at the lomography store were a little worried The Golden Half camera was about to steal some of its super cool camera thunder with its 72 shots to a 36 roll saturated 35mm goodness so they did what any smart competitor would do. They remodelled the Diana so they would have a competing product on the market - Enter the Diana Mini.

They pulled out all the stops too! Not only does the Diana Mini take 35mm film (the original Diana takes 120) It also allows you to switch between half frame and square frame shots, weighs in at a teeny tiny 235g and is cute as a god damn button!

My friend jade just happened to have one at a fancy dress party we went to over the weekend so you can check out her shots above! Pure gold! (and yes that's me in the bunny suit)

Click here to find out more about this little piece of awesomeness!

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  1. oh wow jades photos are great! got any more to show? ive been thinking about getting one of these, those photos are influencing my decision!