Monday, October 26, 2009

This is what film is all about...

When you plan for a holiday you look fwd to it for months... The very thought of roaming airport corridors and flying off to exotic destinations gets you through the working week where you do nothing but play desk monkey under fluorescent lighting counting down the days till you're on no time but island time...

You hit the road, meet new people, take a million digital photos, get home, return to work... and before you know it your holiday is all but a distant memory. You see the thing with digital photos is its instant gratification (which can be fantastic) but when you get home what do you have to look fwd to I ask you?

This is why on a recent jaunt through Asia I shot film (and not just any film but slide film, cross processed in C-41) so when I arrived home from my epic journey I dropped my 13 rolls of 36 exposures off to get developed and just today (3 weeks later) the photos have come back from the good people at Platinum Imaging and boy oh boy let me tell you - the buzz... the not knowing what turned out and what didn't was like reliving the joy of new travel experiences all over again...

Not only do these photos capture a moment they managed to capture the mood and emotion I was feeling when I pressed that shutter button all those weeks ago, and every time I look at them that feeling comes flooding right on back - I'm telling you people you just cant get those results via digital.

Cross processing is the bee's knees! Check out a sample of the results above. Gold!

Oh and Ive had several people ask me what photoshop effect I applied to get these results... and each and everyone has been shocked to learn that these images have not been touched at all... not even a little nudge on the old brightness and contrast button the results you see here are owed souley to the fortunate accident that is cross processing slide film.

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