Tuesday, October 13, 2009

5 minutes with.... Raymond Molinar

Raymond Molinar likes to skate, take Polaroids and prays to sweet jebus he's alive in 5 years time to do it all again. He's the kind of human most people wish they could take photos like so sit back relax and get set to absorb 5 minutes with Ray....

1. How old where u when you took your first photo and what was it of? Well i was really young when i got my first Polaroid camera. I wanna say the first photo i took was of my friend finding 24 dollars in a trash can in El Paso, Texas.

2. What is your Polaroid camera and film of choice and are you all about flash or natural light? I prefer to use the original SX-70 land camera, using original time zero film or Artistic time zero..I'm not a big fan of 600 film. I always prefer to shoot in natural light, but there are a lot of amazing shots using a flash bar out there.

3. If your photos where a soundtrack what songs would they be?
ummm..thats a tough one. I Can tell you some bands that i've been listening to recently.
Just to name a couple... Tom Waits, Cass MCcombs, Beach Boys, John Fahey, Bert Jansch

4. Tells us a little bit about you? Why you are who you are and what you want to be taking photos of in 5 years. Skater who loves to travel,shoot photos,eat good food,hanging out with friends and family..pretty simple guy. I don't know what i want to be taking photos of in 5 years...i just hope i'm still alive.

5. Do you shoot other film mediums? If yes what's your fave film and camera of choice I purchased a wista 4x5 field camera not to long ago and I'm planing on taking some personal lessons from some friends of mine. I would have to say Polaroid original time zero is the best film ever made, hands down. i really love using my wista 4x5 camera, the whole process of using the dark cloth,tripod,loading of the film. and the focusing is exciting.

6. What's your favorite photo you have ever taken and why? Don't be shy. Tell us a story I don't really have any personal favorites of mine I go in and out of what photos i like...it just depends really.

Thanks for your time Ray, the dude doesn't have a website but you can check his shit out above or here on Flickr. Pretty damn impressive stuff.... Its so far left of field you can barley see right!

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