Friday, September 11, 2009

Film is not a dirty word....

Fuck. Thats a "dirty word" but film? Come on people - whats not to love... and whats so great about digital anyway? I know I want to make some point right now about how we are afraid of choice and in a effort to make life simpler, more streamline, we have progressed (or regressed) to all things digital but I'm struggling to align my thoughts at this current juncture... my concentration is torn between writing this blog, watching high fidelity, wondering if the washing is done and what kind of tea i should have before bed tonight (sleepy time or tension tamer?)

See I've got too much going on. We've all got too much going on these days... so i can see why someone would take one look at 13 different types of film with various ISO's or speeds and run for the hills and right into the open arms of the digital revolution!

I'm a fan of digital myself...I've run down that hill and into those megapixeled open arms, but then I'll go and stumble across a blog post like this, that gives me 10 reasons to love film and I want to tattoo it to my forehead just to get the message across to every soul I can!

You know who's got the message? Jen Gotch, Thats her pretty picture above and you can check out more of her handy work here, here and here.


  1. oh how i do love film, i just need more of it. :)
    are you still finding polaroid film? i used to get my bulk pack at cosco *sigh* how i miss those days..

  2. haha! me too! i know money doesnt grow on tree's but i wish film did!
    There is still heaps here in australia (yay!) about 75 aussie dollars for a tripple pack of 600 (60 shots) but i suspect it wont last long.... :(