Friday, September 4, 2009

The Impossible Project - Sucess!

What you are looking at above is some of the first exposures to come out of the Polaroid Factory that was taken over by Florian Kaps late last year in a desperate bid to keep Polaroid film alive!

Due to some incredible support from Polaroid fanatics the world over, especially regarding the 5th of their 7 big challenges (the latex timing layer), the team could produce the very first complete and stable instant picture a few weeks ago - "wooppppee" is the appropriate sentiment for such news I do believe!

Word on the mean streets is the development is making really good progress, so much so they are ahead of the original production timeline and have not found any unsolvable roadblocks yet.

So keep supporting The Impossible Project by (buying) and wearing their beautiful Impossible T-Shirts and of course never stop keeping your fingers crossed that they will soon announce The Impossible Project to be a... well... possible one.


  1. YIPPEE. that is awesome news. i am really hopeful the impossible project becomes possible soon. i love what they are doing. amazing. :)

  2. i know how great are they! I want to give them all a big hug!