Thursday, September 3, 2009

The faces of climate change

Jon Lewis is a documentary photography who is taking portraiture to a whole new level with his upcoming exhibition "Portraits from the Edge - A Face to Climate Change" the exhibition will be held at the UTS tower building (in Sydney) on Wednesday 16th Sept at - 6.30pm ((Level 4 Exhibition Space)

But whats this all about you ask? Essentially its about a little collection of 33 atolls called Kiribati situated in the Equatorial Pacific... which sadly, is slowly and surely disappearing before our very eyes.

Storm surges, freakish waves, salination of fresh water wells and lands, un-predictable weather and tidal increases, are all contributing to the country’s physical demise... Hell word on the mean streets is in 30-40 years they'll all be gone

As yet there is no policy from industrial countries, or the UN, as to our collective responsibilities to people such as the Kiribati.

Where will these environmentally displaced people migrate to, and how many?

Who will be their host countries?

The Kiribati remain, literally on the very edge as the most vulnerable of peoples living with climate change. Come on parliment? Where are the alarm bells? I mean what we are looking at here is the eventual extinction of a distinct race of people, through loss of their home- lands, and with it their vibrant social system and culture.... Sure;y thats got to raise a eyebrow or two!

Thank god for people like Jon Lewis, who is not only preserving these moments in time before they are lost forever, but through events like his exhibition, is also drawing publicity and the nations attention to the cause! Check out some of his beautiful black and whites above and see more here.

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