Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Pin Hole Camera {thats the size of a god damn truck!}

That's right, you heard me, well for the sake of accuracy I should first point out its not "the size" of a track it IS a truck, some crazy cat by the name of Shaun Irving must of been smoking something conducive to creative activity during his college years where he had the wild idea... "What if i made a camera the size of a truck"... so using military lenses from things like submarines and a cardboard shutter and a hollowed out delivery truck, he did just that.

He is currently travelling the globe taking bloody amazing (not to mention rather large) photographs as we speak... and when I say large I mean 3000 times bigger than your average 35mm shot! Clearly this is not your average camera, so it comes as no surprise a simple click of a conveniently located button next to, lets just say, the driver seat, would allow you to capture such a large image.

Irving states "To take a photo I stand inside the truck fumbling around in the dark, the process is long it takes me about half a hour to set up a shot, take some test prints and make my final exposure - It gives me time to come intimately familiar with my subject matter... picking up details i would otherwise miss - even then a few surprises always pop up in the finished print"

You've got to admire a dude who's dark room and developing rig consists of "two large buckets, a sponge and a gardening hose"

Now that's thinking big. Click here to see more of these amazing shots.

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