Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hey You! Give me my bloody camera back

Well its finally happened... As regular readers would know I originally started Hey You! Say Cheese as a little bit of a lesson in human decency... Id tie cameras to trees or telegraph poles with this note secured tightly to any available surface and return hours or days later to collect the camera which would always be full of random images such as these.... But alas! the worst has happened...

Some dodgy f**ker has finally stolen one of my cameras! Not only that they have taken my sign and left the masking tape strewn on the ground - didn't they pay any attention in primary school? Littering is not cool!

Either is stealing for that matter...

So if you are a regular reader, live in the Cronulla area and happen to hear of someone with a penchant for stealing disposable cameras and hoarding the results please let me know so some form of karmic retribution can be arranged - Although i think the first shot on the role will be enough of a shock for the unsuspecting fool! (its of me dressed as i giant bunny rabbit, My friend jade dressed as a wolf in sheep's clothing and the oldest lady in Erskinville who just happens to be 102)

My momentary disappointment in the human race aside I will not let the man get me down and on the weekend I will be tying another camera to the exact same spot for more random strangers to create beautiful images with!


  1. oh that's awful. Karma will get him/her. (Maybe it was a silly little kid? I'd rather think it was someone who didn't know better rather than someone whose completely lacking in moral fibre.)

  2. Bummer to hear about a tosser taking your camera. As Steph said, Karma will catch up to them one day. Glad to see you are not letting them get you down, the little camera experiments are so fantastic. Looking forward to seeing the new results =)