Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Lucky Find....

Some lucky bastard in the USA purchased 65 glass negatives at a garage sale 10 years ago for US$45 thinking the black and white landscape prints would make a wonderful addition to his collection... Now they have been authenticated to be Ansel Adams originals they have said to be worth over $220 million US dollars... not a bad investment wouldnt you say....

His name is Rick Norsigian, a school district painter and collector and you can read all about him and his lucky find here. I dont know about you but for me the real exciting thing here is not the money but the photos! What a amazing slice of history, I hope he keeps a couple to hang on his walls!

Ansel Adams died in 1984 and was believed to have lost many of his negatives in a 1937 darkroom fire. The blaze destroyed as many as 5000 negatives, or about one-third of his portfolio. Many of the negatives had never been developed into photographs.... so for these to turn up now, after all these years is fantastic news for photographic enthusiasts the world over.

You can enjoy more of Ansels american landscapes here.

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  1. I think it's been found that these are not by Ansel Adams at all: