Monday, July 12, 2010

Photography for Social Change

I don't know about you but I have pretty fond memories of being 13... when camping trips with dad were a main event and what time mum was picking you up from the beach was hands down your biggest worry.....And I'm guessing, Global Financial Crisis aside (why we don't just call it a recession is beyond me) you have pretty fond memories of being 13 too.... you are after all sitting in front of a computer with a roof over your head... which means, odds are, you were not spending your days building bricks.

That's what Mariam, the 13 year old girl in the photo above is doing. When I first saw this photo I passed it off as a innocent snap shoot of youth. A small child playing in the mud (perhaps at dads work) while her little brothers and sisters watched on. Well I was right about one thing, she is at dads work, it just so happens dads work is her work too... and well one day be that of her siblings.

The International Labor Organisation (ILO) is currently working towards the withdrawal of children from brick making work. The Child Labor Project is a website dedicated to educating people about complex issues such as these. Its about moving people emotionally while motivating people (that's you and me) into action.

Child Labor and the Global Village: Photography for Social Change is a team of 11 photographers who will be photographing child workers around the globe. Photos produced by the project are part of an exhibit that has traveled to the U.S. Congress, universities, schools, and other forums in the United States.... all to raise awareness for the plight of these kids.

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