Thursday, July 1, 2010


Ok So i know your thinking "if ever i was going to make a exception and put digital photos on this blog this is it" Well I have news for you my friend - the above is no computer rendered product of someones imagingation. Its the real deal. it's outer space. It's Eagle Nebula to be exact...

Astronaughts spent 8 months learning how to use a specially designed camera, just so they could shoot eight minutes of 3D footage. The aformentioned astronaughts had travelled up into space on the space shuttle Atlantis last year, carrying with them a 3D camera.

Their mission: to dock with the Hubble Telescope (a spacecraft orbiting the Earth about the size of a bus) and perform repairs on it, while also capturing 3D video of the Hubble and our planet. The limited amount of 3D footage that could be shot in space was a result of physical constraints.

The film roll on board the Atlantis was the largest in the world, with the film strip 1.52-kilometres long and weighing 24.5 kilograms.

The 317-kilogram camera had to be packed into the space shuttle's cargo bay using a crane, and became part of the craft's ballast. Images from the top, Gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula, As a star dies a butterfly emerges from Planetary Nebula NGC 6302. Pretty crazy shit hey!

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