Saturday, July 31, 2010

Song of your life

Johnny Cash - Hurt from kakofoni on Vimeo.

My Friend and all round good guy Bret Woods recently started a blog called Song of the day.... Pretty self explanatory title really - every day he posts a new film clip, you log on and listen. Ive taken to following it religiously not only because i love music but because it constantly reminds me day in day out how awesome it is to discover new songs or better yet be reminded of old ones long since forgotten.... Music is a powerful thing and has the most beautiful ability to instantly transport you back to a time in your life that is now since a memory or transport you somewhere entirely new altogether!

I'm a huge johnny cash fan, Its the first thing you read when you hit my website and someone you'll often here on the record player at our house but I had never heard the song above before... It's so hauntingly poignant and so wonderfully sad and i never would of come across it otherwise because lets face it I'm no nine inch nails fan... So thanks Bret, your a bloody legend, and so is johnny cash!

Do yourself a favor and sign up here to follow Song of the Day...You never know what your going to get!

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  1. Aw thanks Soph. It's certainly a very haunting retrospective clip. Amazing that this became one of this last ever hits.