Tuesday, July 13, 2010

golden bubbles & Yellow Cockatoos

I turned on one of my favorite programs tonight that profiles amazing cities around the world... what will they have on tonight I wonder? Machu Pichu? Granada? Paris? No No... they had Sydney! I should of just turned the TV off and stuck my head out the window...

It was weird, watching a doco on my own city... the pommy presenter was marveling at the beauty of our coasts, the emptiness of our skylines and "the exotic cockatoo often found in our national parks" haha! Its funny what he sees as exotic I see as the 6 noisy birds who shit on my window sill every Sunday morning waiting to be fed some stale bread!

For those of you who missed the program or have never been to Sydney... Here's a empty skyline and exotic bird for you to enjoyment! The photo above was taken on my golden half camera using fujichrome 100 speed film cross processed in C-41 chemical.

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