Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mike Brodie aka "The Polaroid kid"

Its not often you come across photos that totally blow you away, Ive been lucky enough to stumble across such photos twice in two days, yes yes lucky me, and by default lucky you! The first was The Polaroid House and the second is a series of photos called "Ride'n Dirty Face" by a "accidental documentary photographer" Mike Brodie.

What the kid did was photograph his friends, their homes and life styles, Sounds pretty run of the mill huh! Not so run of the mill is the fact that their homes are train carriages and box cars. Their lives aren't so much squeaky American clean as they are gritty and dirty. The resulting photos and exhibition will show you a cross section of middle America you never knew existed....

At first I thought they were shots from some crazy new tim burton movie, or from some far off war torn country, but no, this my friends is America.

You can check out the exhibition by clicking here, and purchase his prints by visiting the needles and pens store here... now if you'll excuse me one must go and pick ones jaw off the floor.

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