Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have a confession to make.

Today I bought a digital camera. Yep that's right you heard me. A digital! I'll still shoot film of course and am simply viewing this purchase as a economic tactical move of soughts... You see by shooting digital I'll shoot less film which means I'll have more money to travel with next year where I plan to shoot more film - so really film wins - as does my bank account because good lord film gets more and more expensive by the day, I need to shoot digi just so i can afford to put film on the table!

Shenanigans aside I purchased a Canon 550D... its no Taz Looney Tune Polaroid but it will do the trick. Do you own one? or any DSLR for that matter, would love to know how it handles.... post below


  1. I shoot surf mostly as well as lifestyles and whatever. with a Canon EOS 40D.
    I occassioanlly shoot with an old Regula King.
    and am looking at buying a Diana mini.
    The 40D is a very nice camera and I find that for my sport shots the DSLR does exactly what I want of it almost every time even in crappy lighting. Just invest in some nice lenses or one. and youve got a great qaulity set up!
    you can check out my blog at

  2. thanks for the notes dylan. I highly recommend a diana they are awesome x

  3. I have that camera, it's totally epic. Especially since it shoots video too. I like that it's not too heavy and the colours are beautiful.
    I also have a diana mini which I love love love.
    (Pics from both here:
    if you're interested.)