Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Benjamin B

Tonight I am going to tell you a little story about a boy named Benjamin B from Bordeaux... He was kind enough to drop me a line not so long ago to tell me he loved my disposable camera project which was horribly nice of him... considering he is a perfect stranger and all it was quite a nice gesture.

Turns out the chap is quite handy with a lomo himself and in some rather endearing broken English he answers a few questions below:

How long have you been taking photos? I discover analogue photography since 10months with a lomolito (bleu). I like the lomo effect ... vintage, ...and the best way to make a great pics is to use rolls and analogue camera.

What kind of camera do you use?
A Diana Mina was my choice : little , 35mm , Halframe, long exposure ... perfect for traveling in the poket :) I don't develop my roll himself, labo do that and mostly in cross process. Now i use a Olympus 35RC (vintage rangefinder)

Any last words? I try to take my camera everywhere i go, and respect lomo rules " don't think what you captured on film"... is like a surprise after ^^ Result are unpredictable but i don't retouch my pics!

The shot above was taken on a Diana Mini using Sensia 200 and cross - processed. You can check out more of bens shots on his Flickr page here! If you have just started using a film camera I would love to see some of your shots too!