Friday, April 8, 2011

Olympus trip 35 - first roll

I shot this roll of film about 3 or 4 months ago and only just had it developed this week. I cant even remember what slide film I used (fujichrome perhaps as it has a tendency to come out all red like) It was the first roll i burned through with my Olympus trip so I was sure to mix shit up a bit just to see how she handled. I shot outside, inside, up and down... with flash and with out and the results of course are mixed... this is in large part to the film I was using but the burnt edges are all her (and when I say her i mean the camera) and I was pretty stoked with most of the shots.

A sample above for you, check out more here

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  1. trips are amazing, I have 4 but I've only shot with one so far, gotta test the others so i can give them good home (but maybe save a spare for when the selenium meter runs out)

    I had been having troubles with exposure using a manual lens and adapter on a newer canon slr, and when I swapped to the trip I was like "WTF this is really good!"

    I'm kinda an olympus convert now, I found a few nice slrs in the op shop, I've been shooting with a om10 and I have a om2n to play with as well.

    If you're into the trip I would look into the xa range olympus did a few years later, super compact 35mm cameras with awesome results as well.