Thursday, April 28, 2011

My grandmothers house

None of the Polaroids above are particularly ground breaking but words can not begin to describe how much they mean to me. Having moved a lot as a kid my Nonna & Nonno's house was a rare constant in our lives. As a child it was this big dusty mansion with a dining room that appeared (to the 4 year old version of me) to be the size of a grand ballroom in Napoleon III's apartment at the Louvre. In my teens it was a place to avoid, I mean really who wants to hang out with their grandparents at 16.

As I reached my early 20's I truly began to appreciate them for not only the wonderful grandparents they were but for the amazing lives they had lead. Every time I had money to spare I would fly from Sydney to Torquay just to spend the weekend with them, hearing their stories and just generally breathing it all in.

It was one of those trips in my late 20s when I took these photos. I read somewhere that a grandparent is a child's first best friend and when my Nonno died when I was 25 it made me realise how little time we actually have on this earth with the people we love and while digital files get lost or accidentally deleted, and technology changes with time a Polaroid lasts for ever and these are very dear to me... the grand ballroom, the crazy gold embossed wallpaper, my Nonno's 'dunny' in the garage, the scary door of the back shed all little pieces of them captured beautifully in a 3¼" × 4¼ inch frame.


  1. Ah memories. I went through that with my grandparents and my mom. I think it takes awhile to appreciate the adults in your life and not see them as the people who bossed you around as 12 year old. Once you do the relationships you can have with them is amazing! :)

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