Thursday, April 28, 2011

35mm Gold

I just can't understand people who don't dig the sensation of sand between their toes... you know the type - always with the "Oh I love the beach I just hate sand" I've got news for you people they are one and the same. Embrace.

I shot the above on my new pride and joy - a Olympus Trip


  1. Hey! I'm now following you. congrats on a way cool blog.

    - Juliet xxx

  2. thanks juliet :) happy to have you here x

  3. I think people should be more clear. they like the ocean but hate the sand maybe? I love the sand between my toes. I would off myself if i couldn't make my tri-annual trips to the coast. I enjoy your blog. Its totes a good read.

  4. those are the same people who say, "i'm so ready for winter to be here because it's so hot!" and then when it comes around they're constantly complaining about the cold.

    if you don't embrace life for what it is in the PRESENT it's going to pass you by and you're going to have missed out on a whole lot.

  5. Hey Soph! Totally agree - I've recently moved to the sea side and cannot get enough of that feeling of sand between my toes!
    PS - hope you're doing really well? We used to keep in touch a lot when I wrote my old blog (til the stars turn cold) and then I had to stop for a year - but I'm back blogging now over at my new blog. Hope we can keep in touch again - I've missed your work! Still amazing, I see :)