Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cross Processing, Holgas and 35mm madness

Last Easter I blogged about the age old dilemma of which camera to pack when going on holidays... OK OK... so its not a age old dilemma and the answer was pretty simple. All of them.

One of the cameras I took was my Holga, in which I put 35mm slide film by filling the 120 gap with foam... This is a pretty hit and miss thing to do as you essentially only capture the middle section of the image your seeing through the view finder, Heads are lopped off, people are cropped out, light is let in left right and centre but you end up with a image burned on the entire negative, perforated edges and all and some pretty random results...

From a roll of 24 where only 16 turned out, the two shots above don't look a thing like i thought they would which is why they are hands down my favorite, and why I love taking photos, you never know what you re gonna get!


  1. Funnily enough, I've done exactly the same thing and have 35mm slide in my Holga at the moment. I can't wait to see how the shots come out.

    I noticed the pics you posted don't show the edge strips with the sprocket holes... if I'm correct this is because the printing machines at most labs use the sprockets to hold the film in their enlarger and can only print the usual area?

    One of the reasons I chose slide film rather than neg (apart from ease of cross processing) is that the film is clear rather than brown, so I should be able to scan it on a normal flatbed and get the edges as well.

    Now someone just needs to buy me a studio with a darkroom and a proper film scanner :P

  2. haha! if you find that person matty send them in my direction, Id love a dark room complete with colour lab :)