Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polaroid Apocalypse

Polaroid Apocalypse is somewhat of a mourning group for Polaroid film... yeah yeah I know there are a million of those out there on the world wide web already... but this ones a little different... a little more interactive, a lot more fun. 

Their theory is Polaroid is dying and has somewhat of a "Bucket List" of things it would like to get done before it, well... kicks the proverbial bucket.... This list includes various themes for you to take photos of, they even go as far to stage group gatherings and events where people bring along random props, costumes and all the film they can get their hands on and just shoot weird and wonderful set ups to their hearts content... Unfortunately this option is only open to those in the San Fran bay area, but anyone can contribute to the bucket list just click here to find out more.

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