Monday, May 4, 2009

The 1000 Journals Project

Currently 1000 journals are traveling from hand to hand through out the world. They aren't curing world famine or eradicating debt or anything amazing like that, they are simply floating about, living for a little while with each person they come across, allowing that person to make a few pages their own by adding something to the journal, whether it be a story, photograph or drawing before passing it on to the next lucky stranger.

It s so bloody popular you have a better chance of winning the lottery than stumbling across one of these coveted books.... disappointing i know, but don't despair, 1001 journals has recently launched and you can sign up to receive a book here.... while being a fantastic world wide collaborative creative project that's not the only thing that grabbed my attention about this movement.... What really got me was a little tab on the left hand side of the website titled "The search for 114"

What is the search for 114? Well this journal (and #194) were contributed to by a fellow called Andy, who, in typical Aussie fashion had the nick name bearfut. Tragically Andy was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident in 2001 and his family are desperately trying to track down these journals as naturally they would like to transcribe these entries and have forever a little piece of there son.

Journal #114 was taken to Hobart, Tasmania and #194 was taken to the Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2001 and given to a girl name Claire who then passed it on to a DJ named Becca, its last know location was Beaufort and most likely heading for Melbourne. You never know you just may have some information that could help.

Besides searching for the illusive #114 and kick starting 1001 Journals, the mystery fellow behind this little project has just released a book and documentary... click on anyone of these links to find out more.