Friday, May 29, 2009

365 days of Amy

Daily I wonder am i going to find any decent content today to share with you guys? Why I even let my mind wonder anywhere near the vicinity of worry i don't know.. there certainly is no need too, sure some days it may take a little searching, other days a lot - but always i stumble across something beautiful, something moving  in the way of a photo of film based project.... and today is no different.

Meet Amy Mortimer. She's a budding photographer who has taken it upon herself to keep somewhat of a online diary, taking a photo a day for a year and posting it here on flickr. She started sometime in November last year and at 192 of 365 she's showing no signs of slowing down. It amazes me how technology has opened up our lives to complete strangers... its a scary but intriguing phenomenon... and nothing out of the ordinary these days. 

I've blogged before about similar projects, a Brisbane Photographer called Hailey undertook 365 days of grateful last year and her Polaroids are just stunning! Amy tends to mix it up what camera she uses, but it just makes her photos, above and here that much more interesting. Keep it up Amy, cant wait to see the remaining 173!


  1. Love the first pic! I have acouple polaroid film packs saved still from my grandparents! My grandpa has been buying me polaroid cameras since I was a kid! I wish they didn't stop making it! :)

  2. Its a great shot isnt it! your grandma sounds awesome! I found a few rolls of slide film with a exporation date of Aug 1969 in the back of my grandmas wardrobe and the shots came back great!

    We'll have polaroid film again in 2010! search "the impossible project" on my blog to read all about the lovely fellas reinventing polaroid 600 film :)