Wednesday, May 13, 2009

35mm awesomeness

It was my birthday last weekend and I dusted off the old Pentax MZ 50 I saved my pennies and bought when i was 17 years old, it was my first camera and it served me well, so it seems only fitting i take it out of retirement 10 years later...

The shots above were taken with Kodak Elite Chrome 35mm film, or slide film to most people... I have it cross processed (developed in C-41, the same chemicals you use to develop normal negative film) and it really saturates the colours and gives you the most vibrant blues!

With almost everything in our lives digital, touch screen or interactive its nice to return back to the simple life... no cramming our heads around a 3 inch screen to see what the photo looked like, or worse insist it be deleted if god forbid, you failed to capture someones good side.

Just point, shoot and worry about the results later... or better yet not worry about them at all.

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  1. Niiiice! the cross processing came out sweet huh. Im pretty psyched to get back on the 35mm film bandwagon after playing with the digi for six months. not sure what camera to get though, research time!
    Yeh the leica is rad, still totally stoked i splashed out. I got it in LA for US $700 cos they had this rebate program goin...mind you only jus got the cheque 5 months later. You can get a Panasonic Lumix 4 i think, virtually the same camera, same lens, jus not as pretty and the jpeg processor is marginally different. good size for portability but you can still art fag out when you need to. Oh that shot was taken at 5am on a really windy morning, weird light huh.
    Long comment much?