Friday, October 22, 2010

I am a bad bad blogger

Wow. What a busy 6 weeks... I have barely had a chance to blog! I have been cleaning out the spare room in a attempt to turn it into a office, Ive been working on various job for various clients and have even flown to Queensland and back for a photo shoot for my magazine.

In my big clean out i stumbled across these photos I took over seas in 2009! What have you guys been up to? taken any photos lately? would love to see them, post links below.


  1. hey you!
    here is my flickr page

    take care!

  2. I've been taking portraits of my friends on the new TIP PX70 film. And am about to upload more polas which I took this past Labour weekend!

  3. thanks for your comments guys! (even you wood duck, hehe) look fwd to checking out all of your photos! xx