Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Traveling Camera Project

Sometimes I worry I'll run out of content for this blog, Lets be honest, I've kinda painted myself into a corner limiting myself to Film (not digital) Photography, but when I stumble across groups like this its a corner I'm proud to be in.

Sean Tubridy is one trusting human being, He put a call out to Flickr members world wide to join somewhat of a "pass it on" list.... Pass what on you ask? A Polaroid camera and a pack of film. The idea being that the camera resides with each person on the list for no longer than 48 hours, just enough time to take a self portrait and mail it on, (or pay if fwd if your a fan of Kevin Spacey movies)

So far its reached about 20 people, it stalled for about 4 months with some lazy bugger but is on the move again now so if your interested in taking part click here to join and here if you want to perv on the portraits taken thus far.

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